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Antimatter Dimensions

A game about different dimensions. It’s based on a concept first introduced in Derivative Clicker and Second Derivative Clicker. You go through dimensions and gather antimatter. Antimatter can be gathered only at the first dimension. When you buy higher dimensions, they increase the number of a previous one incrementally. This game is extremally simple. It almost has no graphics. But it’s playable as hell. You will be soft-resetting it over and over for a couple of hours.
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4 Responses to “Antimatter Dimensions”
  1. DrMr

    Type in console (F12):
    player.tickspeed = 0.000000001;

  2. Iain

    Not in the habit of making games THAT easy… but good tip to get back where I was when I lost my save after shutting down computer… I hit save before shutdown and nothing… so much for saves being fixed… gonna modify tickspeed to regain position… I was approaching Eighth Dimension x 30… so like 6-7 “dimensional shifts/boosts”

  3. Deus

    This game breaks eventually… at 190 8th dimensions, the game can’t tabulate your antimatter and says you have infinite antimatter, and many of the costs will be infinite. Reloading the game will make the cost of 8th dimensions 0.

  4. g

    Thats a feature

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