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A simple game. Well, the name suggests it after all. It’s an incremental game which has been stripped of redundant things like graphics and other fireworks. There’s just us and the mouse, clicking. We don’t know what to do at first. But it’s not hard to guess that we have to click a shiny blue button to progress. So we click it and gather buildings. One after another. When you’ll have large number of buildings, you’ll get a bonuses. Bonuses are abundant in this game. You get them one after another. When you fill all the squares on the screen, the game is over. You won. But that’s not the end. You get another tier of buildings at the bottom and everything starts from the scratch again. If you are really lazy, I recommend the “auto play” button at the bottom of the screen. It does exactly what it says. This game is cool, you should play it.
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