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Beyond The Universe

This game will show you how big is the universe. You are a small particle. A particle which wants to travel through the all known universe. How to achieve that? By gaining speed, of course. Speed will be your main indicator of progress. You’ll be passing through many things during your journey. You will see elementary particles, electrons, atoms and so forth. This game has  a small encyclopedia called the ‘universe book’. You can read there something about every thing you will pass on your way. Stuff that you will encounter is going to get bigger and bigger. And now, something about upgrades. This game features an upgrading system, which is connected to leveling. So you have to level up in order to buy more complex upgrades. To sum up, this game is original and I like it.
Version 1.0
Link http://www.kongregate.com/games/JellyGames/beyond-the-universe

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