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A game about being a criminal in a criminal world. This game is currently a prototype, so don’t expect too much features. The main core of this production is shooting. Your main source of profit will come from it. You can upgrade it, so you won’t have to shoot by yourself. Helpers will do it for you. Another feature is drug dealing. You not only deal drugs, but produce them as well. Currently, you can choose between weed and meth. More types of drugs will come soon, I suppose. This game doesn’t have good graphics yet. Yet it seems like it has the potential to be something remarkable in the future.

UPDATE: Beta version

Version 0.13
Link http://totominc.github.io/blackmarket/
4 Responses to “Blackmarket”
  1. TotomInc


    I’m the dev of blackmarket, please when you advertise my game, send me a PM on reddit to inform me please.

    However thanks for making my game more popular ;)

  2. TotomInc


    Here is the latest beta version of blackmarket!

    Thanks! :)

  3. Dennis Kmiec

    Your game is awesome!!! I play on laptop and phone. If you have created any other idle games, please let me know, and if you need beta testers, I would like to help out. Thx again for making a extremely fun game as black market. :)

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