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Chain Reaction

A game that simulates a chain reaction. Actually, I’d call it a prototype of a game. However, It’s so interesting I’ve decided to put it here. At first glance, we see a few balls bouncing through the screen. If we click one, it will explode. If another ball gets into close proximity of an explosion, it will explode too. And the chain reaction begins. The whole point of the game is to catch all balls into one big chain reaction and score as many points as possible this way.  This game has upgrades, which will help us to get to this goal. There is a prestige system as well. You will get a small multiplier bonus after every game reset. To sum up, this game is still in alpha mode but it’s very fun. You should definitely check it out.
Version Alpha 2
Link http://bluecheetah001.github.io/ChainReaction/

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