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A game about creating and populating a brand new city. This game has been strongly influenced by Adventure Capitalist. Buildings are your main source of income. You can upgrade them to make more money. Your income can be made automatic by buying politicians. There are also achievements, which are called “goals” in this game. And citizens, which have a role of reset points. Frankly, this game is nearly identical to Adventure Capitalist. Only the names differ.
Version 0.3
Link http://cageside.se/cityinc/
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  1. Martin Johansson

    Hi! I’m the developer for CityInc, and I would like to thank you for featuring my game! I would also like to tell you that a new version of the game has been published, where the city parts are a much more intricate part of the game. It was published as 0.5 beta yesterday, and I would really like for you to try the game out again.

    • sergio

      Change the ip of cityinc coz in my school is banning this game

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