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Click, click, wroom!

A game about car production. Cars are made of parts. When you will gather enough parts, you can assemble a car. And then you sell it and collect money. The obvious thing is, you won’t have to do everything by yourself. You can hire workers, such as mechanics, who are experts in car assembling and salesmen, who specialize in selling cars. This game has a lot of upgrades, so you won’t be bored while playing it.
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3 Responses to “Click, click, wroom!”
  1. stephenmans

    Great game, i have been on this website since You posted it basicly, and this is the first comment i been able to say, keep posting! i was just browsing and a new game popped up wow! thanks for making my life better with these idle games, thanks!

  2. Youri

    keep this site updated, i fokkin like it :)

  3. luke

    Keep this site up man, I check it regularly in my spare time.

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