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Clicker Company


An unusual game about colors. You have a white canvas which has to be entirely filled with your color (red). It’s not that easy task, considering your enemies. You have three computer opponents, who have the same goal as yours. Canvas can be filled by hovering your mouse over a red color. When mouse is on the right position, the spreading begins and the color starts to take more space on the canvas. If you want to win, you have to cover the whole screen with your color. You have to buy upgrades as well. Upgrades can be bought in exchange for pixels. You get some pixels automatically and by clicking the button on a far-left side of the screen. It’s worth noticing that pixels are taken from you when you spray canvas with color. To sum up, this game is very interesting and highly playable. The whole idea for such game is remarkable.

Version 1.0
Link http://vulturetamer.github.io/Color-Company/

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