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Critter Mound

A game about growing our little hive of critters. This game is strongly influenced by genetics and the rules of inheritance. Our hive consists of the two main characters: a king and a queen. Royal family breeds offspring. Our main role is to choose a life profession for these children. If they have superior traits, choose them as a new king or queen. This will make the next generation stronger and more fit. If offspring is mediocre, choose them as workers or soldiers. This game offers an another game type as well. It’s combat. It’s mainly about cruising through the map and attacking other hives with your soldiers. Workers, however, produce sod. Sod is a kind of currency in this game. You will be buying upgrades in exchange for it. This game is very unusual and interesting. It’s graphics may scare you at first, but give it some time and it will prove its value.
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