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Crusaders of the lost idols

Something fun for today. It’s a quite complex incremental game. It’s main theme is gathering a team and plowing through waves of monsters. There’s a lot of other similar games, but this one is quite different. It has a lot of little fun elements, for example. This game has a pretty complicated hero uprade system. Every hero interacts with other heroes in such way, that you have to position them in the right places in order to maximixe their bonuses. There’s a boss every 5 levels. He drops a chest after you kill him. A chest will contain a few cards that will trigger differ bonuses or drop items. The graphics are colorful and very pretty. The game itself is fun to play. If you get bored, you can always turn it off and return a day later. You’ll get a lot of money for idling.
Version 1.0
Link http://www.kongregate.com/games/Codename_Enter/crusaders-of-the-lost-idols

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