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A game about making some money by hacking. You can generate money by smashing the button. But the wiser way is to buy yourself a crawler. Crawlers gather packets for you and those packets make money for you. This game is in an early stage, so not every option is working now. But some of the key features are: emails, where you can read incoming messages, investments, stock market, console and risk management panel. You can choose your class after some time spent on the game. Classes completely change the style of game, so choose them wisely. This game has a huge potential to be cool, but it still needs a lot of work.
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2 Responses to “Delsec”
  1. senyaiv

    really good concept. I think soon it will be popular as shit =)

  2. John Smith

    Please remove this, it’s a malware scam domain now. RIP

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