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Destination Kepler

The Earth is at war. You have to escape from the Earth using your spaceship. Kepler is the best possible choice, because this planet roughly resembles our home planet. You will hire the whole crew during your journey. A route to Kepler isn’t direct. You’ll approach many other planets on your way. Every planet has its own missions associated to it. Completing them gives you a lot of cash. The cash can be spent on hiring new crew members or buying lasers or engines. Engines are especially beneficial because they let you arrive faster on other planets. Every new upgrade has to be installed on Earth. So you’ll be starting your journey from the scratch every few minutes. This game looks awesome and is highly playable. You should play it.
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  1. kuba7

    Excellent game. When I completed all the way to Kepler…
    === SPOILERS! ===
    === SPOILERS! ===
    …the Keplerians now have the mission to evacuate to Earth. So it’s the entire route backwards.

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