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Fairy Tale

An incremental game with a strong story. It’s kinda more like an adventure game with incremental stuff. We have a story and we have clicking a button and gathering resources as well. You should hire some fairies at the beginning. They will provide you a steady flow of income. You will encounter a forest on your journey. You’ll have to walk through it and reveal the story this game has to offer. After a few hundred steps inside the forest you’ll get a kingdom to manage. Managing is mostly about making your citizens happy and well-nourished. It’s easier said than done, you’ll see that yourself. To sum up, this game is interesting and worth playing. It is one of a few incremental games in which clicking a button is actually fun, because it reveals us a story.
Version 1.0
Link http://alaynamcole.com/fairytale
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    Game doesnt save…

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