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A game about a galactical conquer of the universe. If I had described it here, it would seem like it’s an another boring game. We have ships, research, conquering planets and so on. But this game has something that the other games don’t. An addictive gameplay. I can’t really tell why it’s so addictive. Its mechanism resembles me of one used in the Derivative Clicker. Graphics are pretty, taking into consideration that it’s an incremental game and they don’t look good usually. We have 6 screens in front of us. Each of them controls another aspect of the game. To sum up, this game is worth playing.
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  1. Jeff Gates

    Hello! Thanks for posting about our game. I’m glad you liked it. We’ll be doing more updates of the game based on folks feedback so I encourage people who play to leave comments or tweet @GalaxiaGame if you have any ideas or criticisms. Thanks again!

  2. someone

    What browser should i use? Tried firefox, chrome, and internet explorer and all say the browser isnt supported…

    • Jeff Gates

      Hmm, a modern chrome/ie/firefox on a pc/mac should work. I actually haven’t tried it on Linux, but in theory that should work too. I might be able to help you more w/ your os and chrome version number.

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