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Game in Ten Seconds

A game made in 10 days. Your task is to make a game in 10 seconds. There’s a contest for a new game every 4 minutes. You can take part in it by clicking “participate” button. Making a game is easy. You just name it and smash your keyboard and mouse for a 10 seconds. Making a good game is much harder. You have to prepare for it. Preparation means developing your programming and designer skills. You can develop them by smashing your keyboard, clicking mousebuttons or just using your mouse. But the easier way is through minigames. They give a huge boost to those skills and give you money. Money can be spent on upgrades, which will make your progress much faster. This game is very nicely done. It seems awesome at first. But I think it lacks some playability. It gets boring after a few minutes. Its because we have to smash our mouse and keyboard most of the time. But it’s a nice game so check it out and see if you like it.


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