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An another game about Minecraft and clicking different buttons. This time however, the author tried to do something diffrent from other Minecraft-based Games. The main task in this game is to gather every item in Minecraft. It won’t be easy, because you will have to go through the production of every single element. Every item is connected with a different one, so they have to be unlocked in the certain order. You are awarded with achievements for your progress. Gameplay is quite unusual, but it’s very enjoyable. You won’t be able to leave your computer until you’ll unlock every object and beat the game.
Version 1.0
Link http://www.kongregate.com/games/jetspice/grindcraft
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  1. Givrally

    *Looks at the main page*
    *See what games i played*
    Every game i play appears one day later on this website, so i don’t have any game to play :(

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