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Growth Clicker

A very innovative game about combating squares. What is the most interesting part of it? Multiplayer mode. This means that you fight squares with fellow players. Each round the board is being randomized and squares start populate it. You have to fight them by clicking on them. Clicking will deplete your power, so you’ll have to be constantly upgrading it. There are three additional helpful items: bombs, mines and barriers. You can buy them in the shop. This game is very cool so check it out.
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  1. zx

    nie działa, ciągle płacze ze serwer nie gada. [dead, “server not talking” all the time]

  2. awaprimPL

    nie działa ciogle pisze page not found czyli strona nieznaleziona

  3. x


  4. xo

    No longer available

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