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Habit Man

A game about life. Your life. Well, not extactly your life. A life of your game character. Your character wants to have a good life. You have to help him achieve it. The main part of the game is identifying needs of our hero and choosing an appropriate task solving it. If you choose the task correctly, you will get a habit point. Habit points can be spent on making a habits. The more habits you have, the better your job will be. Hourly wage will increase as well. The main goal of this game is to have satisfying job and happy life. The game is a bit repetitive. This means you will be doing the same stuff over and over. And it also means that it may be boring after a while. But the design of this game is remarkable. You should definitely take a look at it just for the design.
Version 1.0
Link http://quitlol.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/HabitMan2.html

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