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Hero Simulator

A game that is a hero simulator, hence the name. Every RPG can be called a hero simulator, if you think about it. Let’s leave this deep thoughts and focus on a game. I’m gonna start with graphics. Graphics are pretty. They remind me of Android games, which is good. And now the features. We have some tasks on the main screen. You can complete them and upgrade them. Each completion gives you money and honor. This mechanics is similar to one in Adventure Capitalist. Another feature is a shop. You can buy many things in there. Weapons, armor, buildings, tools and pets. Each of them will give you a bonus. There’s an investment screen as well. You can invest there in differen stuff. I advise you to take nearly every investment, because the risk is usually low and the return is high. The next cool feature is hiring a recruit to your party. They will complete tasks for you automatically. Oh, and there are five guilds. Join them and you will get even more bonuses. To sum up, this game has a lot to offer and is very fun to play. Check it out now, seriously.
Version 1.0
Link http://www.kongregate.com/games/revanaii/hero-simulator

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