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Holy Wars

A game about having a village, developing it and fighting enemies. It sounds similar, doesn’t it? This game has everything that other games in this genre have. We gather resources, hire workers and build various structures. But everything can’t be so easy. You’ll be attacked by bandits and from now on, you’ll have to train an army. If you win in combat, you will be awarded by some bonus every battle. More types of foes will appear. You’ll have to beat them all by training more specialized units. This game has some plot, which is not common in incremental games. That’s a huge plus. It’s not fully developed yet so stay tuned for updates. So far it’s interesting and worth playing.
Link http://holywarsgame.github.io/#
2 Responses to “Holy Wars”
  1. war games

    Sounds like a cool game.

  2. TransGirl

    when will this game be fixed it wont save and bugs out after so long

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