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Idle GameDev

I’ve got something really special for you this time. A game about making games. You have your own game development studio. You an your team can choose from many game genres. More advanced genres need more workers and more work. There are nine types of workers. Besides that, we have upgrades, as in every good incremental game. You get prizes for getting achievements too. After making a set amount of games, you unlock achievements and get a quality multiplier bonus. This bonus significantly affects your games’ quality and your earnings. This game has very good prestige system as well. That means you should reset the game quite often to claim quality multiplier bonus. You will progress much faster after every reset. This game is very addicting. Personally, I like fast-paced games, so if you like them too, check this one out.
Version 1.0
Link http://www.kongregate.com/games/Luts91/idle-gamedev
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