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Idle Killer

A game about killing people. You have to kill as many people as you can. There are 10 bilion people in the world, so that’s your goal. You have to buy military structures and military personnel in order to kill. Everything which can be bought, can be upgraded as well. You’ll see some pictures explaining the plot once in a while. You can say it’s a pretty standard incremental game. The graphics, however, are the most interesting part. Basically, the graphics are terrible. Author clearly intended to make some awesome futuristic interface. But it’s not how it should be done. There’s just too much eyecandy. You don’t know what is clickable and what is not. And the font used for numbers is absolutely unreadable. This game needs a much cleaner look. Only then I could say it’s good.
Version 1.10
Link http://idlekiller.com
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  1. hjsbsfhjb

    ALL I SEE IS WHITE!!!!!!

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