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Infinite Spreadsheets

A game inspired by Derivative Clicker. You own a company which produces data. A lot of data. What’s your goal? Well, it ain’t hard to guess. You have to make as much data as you can and develop a company to make it the biggest company in the world. You are gonna produce data through data generators such as cells, rows, columns, pages and so on. The most important currency needed to buy those generators are generators of a lesser level. This means you will have to plan properly when to buy them and how many. Besides that, interns play in this game a role of a currency as well. They appear incrementally and can be upgraded, so dont forget to do so. There’s also a marketing page. Marketing gives you influence which can be spent od different bonuses. Graphics-wise this game is very simple, but everything is clear and you won’t get lost in the interface. So that’s good. In summary, this game is quite fun. It may not be the best incremental game ever, but it’s definitely worth playing.
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