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A Japanese game about going on an infinite adventure. There are many similar games like this, but this one is one of the best. You have a bunch of heroes and they kill waves of monsters. There are bosses, artifacts, prestige and all that stuff. Progress in this game is extremely fast. I haven’t seen such high numbers in any game. For example, a number called googol, which is a one with one hundred zeros behind it, isn’t considered big here. There are 40,000 playable waves in this version. The numbers go so high here its crazy. And the game is still interesting because every reset you get new relics and mithril, just so you can do more waves than the last time. This is one of the best incremental games I’ve seen. You should stop everything that you’re doing right now and play it.
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4 Responses to “Infiroad”
  1. Miguel Chaves

    This could easily be the best and longest clicker ever created. And wayyyy to additive

  2. Jim Johnson

    After all the achievements, the highest wave you can reach (without cheating) is ~150.000
    Cheating is kind of difficult:
    download the standalone version
    use cheat engine
    find one of the buddies’ number and increase it slowly (by 10.000 at a time)
    anything else either breaks the game or won’t “stick”

  3. Nathan

    It takes a while to load up so don’t wory if you have to wait a minuit.

  4. Ur Mom

    legit played this from 2 am oclock until 8 and barely stopped

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