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Material Warrior

A game made according to current modern design standards. It looks clean and pretty, but lacks depth and playability. You have a hero, who is a smiley emoticon. You can move through the world using arrow buttons. There isn’t a lot to do. You can talk to a penguin, buy some stuff in a shop or fight some creatures. Fighting system is extremely boring. You just click one button over and over. The whole gameplay is about grinding and going to a shop to buy a better equipment after we can afford it. This game can be better in the future. It’s still in the development stage. But it needs more fun features. Now it’s just pretty.
Version 1.0
Link http://gamehelp16.github.io/material-warrior/
2 Responses to “Material Warrior”
  1. gamehelp16

    Actually there is a lot more on the game than just grinding. I know that the beginning is boring, but as you progress there will be more mechanics!

    • not annonymus

      ikr. btw i liked the part with infinity gold xd ggwp

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