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Matter of Scale


I don’t really know what should I write about this game. I’m not sure if I understand it correctly. It has towns and villages. You hire people  to gather resources  there. This game is like a few incremental games merged in one. If you gather the right amount of resources in one village, you can move to another and start gathering again. You will understand it when you’ll play it. This game is fun. It may look simple, but in reality it’s quite complex.


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  1. AStarSearcher

    Thanks for the post! I like to describe the game as a meta incremental that turns the usual prestige mechanic into an incremental game all its own. It also cannot be beaten (though progress may come faster in future updates), so I think some players love that part. You know someone who has reached “84% Duchy” has put in a ton of time into the game. Maybe they just love that Duchy conveys 1 quintillion cookies per second and 5 million angel investors in a more dense format :).

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