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MineQuest Idle Game

A game that – honestly – doesn’t look very good in terms of usability. But it’s fun, so that’s not a big problem. We have to find out how to play it at first. Luckily, there is a small tutorial at the very beginning. It will show us the most important aspects of the game. And the game is mostly about digging rocks. There are tons of similiar games, so the general idea should be already known to you. Get some pick, dig some rocks, gather minerals, craft better pick and dig some harder rock. Every next rock is much stronger than the previous one, so crafting is an absolute must. You will have to craft everything by yourself. Picks can be created by merging materials gathered from rocks with gems. Better resources produce better pickaxes. Duh. Seems quite boring when you write about it. But geve it a try. You (probably) won’t be disappointed.
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