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Another game about mining things. This game however is much more pixelated than the others. You have a mining field. It has ten squares. Each square can hold one mining team or mining machines. They will do the most of digging work for you. Everything is upgradeable, of course. You will need those upgrades because dirt gets more dense deeper you are. You will recieve artifact from time to time. When equipped, they will give you a random bonus. Besides artifacts, there are chests and diamonds. The latter ones  can be spent in the shop in exchange for cash or artifacts. Your main task is to dig to the center of the Earth. If you want to see your progress, click the “zoom out” button. It will visualize you where are you on your journey to the core. This game is pretty fun in general, but it slows down after some time and it may become boring.
Version 1.0
Link http://armorgames.com/play/16139/must-a-mine

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