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Pikachu, I Choose You

A game about Pikachu pokemon getting chosen by another pikachu from the pokeball. Such thing is called induction, apparently. There are only two buttons in this game. First of them makes us fight for a gym badge. If we succeed, the time between pikachu release shortens. Second one works as an usual reset button which gives us prestige. Clicking it resets out Pikachus, but it makes them appear more frequently. It’s hard to say if this game is good or bad. This game was made to visualize an idea that was introduced in this xkcd comic. And it does its job pretty good.
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2 Responses to “Pikachu, I Choose You”
  1. senyaiv

    Completed it in less than a day. Such easy and do not need much user control. As idle must be.

  2. Nayuta Ito

    good rhyme

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