Witaj na stronie poświęconej grom, w których głównym zadaniem jest klikanie przycisku. Takie proste a tak wciągające.


Poniżej znajduje się lista wszystkich gier zamieszczonych na stronie. EN: It’s a list of an every game added to a site.

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8 komentarzy to “ALL GAMES LIST”
  1. Narcineek

    stare dobre czasy z cookie clickerem, a ja już mam 192 heavenly chips bo mam fast clicker

  2. Chris

    Try out RPG Clicker. It’s a fantasy RPG simplified to one finger touch! http://www.epicpixel.com/RPGClicker/

  3. Darth Sawlex

    Thanks, without this website I would never of found endless expansion!

  4. Honey Clicker

    Thanks for the list!
    I suggest you to add this new idle clicker to it too!

  5. Kasperja

    Space Station Manager v1.0

  6. kbvpnefoti


    Farm life idle – economic farm simulator!

    – Become the richest farmer!
    And for this, buy farm animals, and sell products: milk, wool, etc.

    – Economic simulator!
    The basis of the game is to buy for cheap, and sell for expensive!

    – Realistic prices and hardcore!
    Animals stand in the real world! (In rubles)
    But this is not all, since animals need to be fed! So in the summer you need to stock up on supplies of hay and grain.

    An additional complication is the seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn). Something is profitable to sell / buy in the summer, and something in the winter.


    Swarmsim is a really fun game. You can get to huge numbers like me. I got 322qudc.

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