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Finally. A game about Pokemon. I think you know the rules. You have to use your pokemon to fight other pokemon and catch them. You don’t have many controls here. You can choose an area to fight a pokemon in and when to heal your pokemon. You have one more choice to make. To catch or not to catch a pokemon. If you decide to catch it, you’ll have small percentage to catch it the next time you’ll fight one. Provided you have pokeballs, of course. If you liked to watch pokemon or if you like to play Pokemon GO, this game is obviously for you.
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  1. del6835229

    Currently in development: Prestige system (you can prestige only if you reach all your allies to level 10!), Ascension (you can ascend only if you reach max level!) (WARNING: Ascending will lose all your prestiges and you will start at the beginning!)

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