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A game about catching pokemon. It’s pretty easy. You go down the road and meet pokemon. You fight them and try to catch them into your pokeball. Your task is to catch them all. You’ll get some money after every won battle. Money can be used to buy upgrades. You can switch routes every 5 battles won. It means that you will encounter stronger pokemon on those different routes. The game ends when you will catch every possible pokemon. This game is still in development, so it’s not the most interesting game in the world. But I’m crossing my fingers for the author. I think this game may be much better in the future.
Version 0.1
Link http://ishadijcks.github.io/PokeClicker/
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  1. chandler

    play poke clicker

  2. IshaD

    A new update is coming soon ;)

  3. IshaD

    Hey man, any chance you can update this page and the image? :)

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