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A game about motoring and racing. You have your own racing team. You buy cars and race them in competitions. This game is a bit similar to Swarm Simulator. It has been made by the same authors, so that’s why. You can invest in cars, new technologies, sponsors and upgrades. It’s a bit hard to understand everything at first. But you’ll get to know how everything works after some playing. Graphical side of this thing isn’t amazing, but at least it’s clean and readable. It’s a good game. Worth playing.
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  1. Clickers3000

    Niby fajna gra ale jedna rzecz jest dziwna, w patchu 0.7.0 pisze, że wprowadzono “Restart with experience”… i mówiąc szczerze nie mam pojęcia gdzie jest niby ten restart z doświadczeniem, czy ktoś wie?

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