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Reactor Idle

A really huge game about an energy production. You get an area to build on. You can place different buildings there. Ones that produce energy, ones that help those buildings and ones that create money. You have to plan placing them on the map. A good player will try to achieve the best energy/money outcome from a map. There are 8 maps, every subsequent map is more expensive. You get the first one for free, then you’ll have to buy an every next one. Maps work for your earnings at the same time. If you’re not playing (turn off the game), you get some bonus ticks. They can be spent later in game to speed it up massively. This game is very complex and time consuming. It’s not meant to be played for a few minutes, or even hours. It literaly provides days of gameplay. There is so much things to unlock. This game is just great, play it now.
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