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Realm Grinder

You have a kingdom and you have to do everything to make it flourish. “Everything” means buying buildings and upgrades to them. There is basically every typical incremental game element here. What’s unique is different races. You can choose which one suits best to your style of the game. There are angels, goblins, undead and so on. Choosing one of them will be irreversible until reset. Each fraction has access to different spells. Spells are small bonuses, which last for a few seconds and drain mana. This game is more interesting to describe than to play it. I haven’t found anything in it which would get my longer attention. Maybe you’ll be more lucky.

UPDATE: Game got its UI completely redesigned. It has some functional updates as well.

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3 Responses to “Realm Grinder”
  1. Kitsuke13

    i have a little advice for ya, continue playing this game, first time playing is always hard and long…. but when you got to reincarnate once, ya will never be able to get away from this game that has a lot to offer, its just that everything is hidden. and it need ya to play it to discover in what this game is addictive as fuck x)

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  2. Ham

    This is one one of the deepest incremental game out there. Content is continually being updated. My advice if you are a fan of this genre get this one. Not for the usual casual gamer.

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