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Space Clicker

A game about sending packages through space. Well, a something new and fresh this time. And I thought that developers depleted all ideas for incremental games. So the basics are as usual. You can click to send a package or you can send it automatically. Both ways give you gold. There are some upgrades, which will upgrade your stuff. You have a gems screen, in which you can combine and permutate gems you’ll find on the way. There are some other screens as well but they don’t work yet. Because this game is still in development. But it looks very good now. If it becomes polished it will be awesome.
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3 Responses to “Space Clicker”
  1. Iain

    Items could use tooltips about pps/click gains… could use achievements for 1/5/25/etc items… showing upgrades before they’re accessible as goals (with whats needed to unlock)… and not sure the point of research points and gems (and permutating them)

  2. Alex


    There isn’t a GitHub Pages site here.

    If you’re trying to publish one, read the full documentation to learn how to set up GitHub Pages for your repository, organization, or user account.”

    This page doesn’t exist.

  3. Mariebu

    This game seems to be unavailable anymore.

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