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A space-themed game. You are a leader of a spaceship orbiting around the ship. You wake up and begin to restart all ship’s systems. Then the story unfolds. Main currency here is the energy. It can be obtained through solar cells, different power producing things and clicking. What’s really cool about this game is that it has a plot. Captions on the right are really fun to read. What is more, this game has an ending. It’s very rare for an incremental game to have an ending. The user interface is very pretty as well. I think there’s nothing to criticise this game for. The pacing is good, it doesn’t get boring. Very good game. Play it now.
Version 1.0
Link http://jhollands.co.uk/spaceplan/
5 Responses to “Spaceplan”
  1. del6835229

    Guys don’t go to: http://jhollands.co.uk/spaceplan/ i tried buying Black Hole but the game bugged out! and it gave me error and game trolled me!

    • FrederatorX

      If you reload after the error it will work, don’t forget to have a headphones on for the end

  2. Miguel Chaves

    Really like this one. Visuals are amazing. Story is weird but ok.

  3. Paul

    Uhm so i liked this game … i loved it i wish i would get updated ! or longer it was fun to play
    I hope that you make an update … Please 1

    Thanks for respond on my E-mail

  4. pmoney

    it was a pretty fun game that i liked

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