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Spell Idle

A game about spells. You have a few spells. They have to be casted, so you can get knowledge. You can buy higher spell levels in exchange for knowledge. After buying 15th level, the spell will be casted automatically. You have spell upgrades panel located on the bottom. You should buy those upgrades as fast as possible. They speed up your progress massively. There are buffs as well. But I advise you to set them on autobuy in the top right corner. Do a reset when you will have a lot of knowledge. The reset will give you crystals. They can be used to buy weather-controlling spells. I like this game, because you can progress fast in it. But such fast progress has its disadvantages. You can finish this game in half an hour. It will be fun half an hour, however.
Version 1.0
Link http://www.kongregate.com/games/omgnoob191/spell-ilde

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