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A Twitch.tv simulator. You have to start a channel and get as many viewers and subscribers as possible. You can upgrade your PC’s GPU and CPU to attract more viewers. You can DDoS some other channels and give away stuff for free as well. The main goal is to get as much cash as possible from your subscribers. The game is very unbalanced. It starts very slowly but then the views raise at insane rates. You’ll beat it in less than half an hour but it will be a very nice half an hour. Oh, and there’s the weirdest chat ever implemented there.
Version 1.0
Link http://streamer.pnrxa.com
2 Responses to “Streamer”
  1. del6835229

    Needs Subscribers,Likes/Dislikes,Prestige System,Channel!!!

  2. Fenomen1

    this game doesn’t work properly :/ like it load’s up but doesn’t work

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