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The Money Makers

A game about hustling. “Making money” seems like a dull and overused idea, but apparently it’s not. This game is pretty awesome. We see the whole city on the main screen. You can enter different buildings by clicking on them. You’ll have to start at job centre to find some low-wage job. Then you will be able to afford school. You can enroll at any class there. A degree helps you to get a better job. If you get some more money, you can invest it in a bank. The bank will regularly pay you small chunks of invested money. If you like more risk, go to a stock exchange and buy some stocks. For those who want to look good, go to a shop and buy some apparel. The office is made for those, who have a good job and can hire workers to work for them. If you have lots of money, buy some luxury items like cars and houses to show off. As I said, this game is good and pretty. And you can compete with your friends.
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