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The Monolith

It’s a game which looks great and is fun to play. It’s not very common thing in incremental games. Well, you see an egg. You don’t know what it is and what it does. But you decide to hit it with a sword. And then, you found a village and recruit villagers to assist you. They start praying to the Monolith. The village grows bigger and bigger. You buy upgrades, the village develops and enters new epochs. The egg starts to break apart. There’s something inside… Well, that’s just a beginning. You’ll find out rest during your playthrough.  I’ll just say that this game is very decent.  Have fun.
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6 Responses to “The Monolith”
  1. Rayner99er

    Actually, what im sure you are referring to as a monolith is actually an egg, and the black stone the the right-hand side is the monolith. i made the same mistake. i’m sorry if you are the one that doesn’t speak english, and if that’s the case, please contact the translator or whatever.

    • Clicker Games

      You’re right, thanks. Never thought about it that way, but now it makes perfect sense :)

      • Rayner99er

        glad to help. like i said, i was so confused when i was mistaking one for the other. i saw that it was about praising the monolith, but i was confused when i was hitting the “monolith”. then i heard the term “egg” in the achievements screen, i said, “OHHHHHHH!”

      • Clicker

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  2. Josephine Mcgeehan

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