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This game may not be the prettiest thing ever, but it’s very playable. In idea for this game is very common and boring. But the execution is very good. So it’s a good game. I just had to write this from the start. You have a village to develop and titular trimps are the inhabitants. You gather resources, build buildings, grow a village, upgrade things and send troops in a fight. It seems simple and it is like that. But this game has something that makes us stay. I think it’s all about always having something to do. You always have some agenda in this game, some new task. That’s what motivates us. Like I said before, it’s worth playing.

UPDATE: New 3.0 release.

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  1. awaprimPL

    ha ha to dopiero teraz tu jak ja w to grałem z jakieś 4 tygodnie temu

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