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True Exponential

A game about exponential number increments. In other words, the more money you have, the faster they will come. The gameplay consist of stages. There are goals to reach in each stage. Consecutive stages have more difficult goals. You have to buy a cash multiplier upgrade in order to make your money increment. Cash multiplier is the number, which is multiplied by your current account balance. The multiplication happens every second. There will be an upgrade raising your cash generating powers in the later part of the game. Be careful when buying it. You’ll pay for it with your multiplier, not your cash. So don’t buy more than a few at once. To sum up, this game is very simple, but its simplicity is captivating. Try it and you’ll have fun.
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  1. angarg12

    Hey there, I´m the developer of the game.

    Glad that you liked it. I would like to say that the game is still in beta and under development, so I am constantly adding things.

    The game is a couple of versions away from release (hopefully) so keep taking a look if you are interested.

    By the way, just today I removed clickpower upgrades because I didn´t really liked them, you can tell me what you think…

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