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A game for people who know how to write a code. Rules are the same as in every other incremental game. Here however, we can change the code of the game. You have to modify it in such way, that the “x” becomes infinity. You can always buy an another letter to use for your code. It wil give you more possibilities. I’d call this game an experiment, rather than full game. But it’s so interesting that you should take a look at it.
Version 1.0
Link https://jsfiddle.net/qmmc8mpr/embedded/result/
12 Responses to “x=Infinity”
  1. Geertje123

    Not hard :p


  2. Nayuta Ito

    I think this is the fastest solution:

    When limit is 3: x++
    When limit is 4: x+=4
    When limit is 5: x=NaN

    Then, buy up to 18 letters.

    Then, write x=Math.pow(44,444)

    • IxeyDergon

      x=Infinity; // and you win ^v^

    • Xhell

      x%=0 will give you NaN so you’ll be able to buy 10 chars and then x=Infinity. Won.

    • FrostedAngel

      x+=”1″ is faster

  3. Josh McClay

    1. get 4 characters
    2. x=$
    3. x=””
    4. x+=3
    5. brag about how you beat the game in less than 10 seconds!

    • IxeyDergon

      I know this is old but, you could also do these steps in a different order:

      1. x=$
      2. get a 4th character
      3. x=””
      4. x+=4

      step 1 makes x=(Object object) which is also NaN, so you can just do step 2 without waiting.
      do step 3 before step 4 otherwise x splays out some weird comment and the numbers do nothing.
      step 4 can be number 1 through 4, I don’t think it matters.

  4. Vortex

    Try this one:

    get 4 characters
    1. a=1
    2. a+=a
    wait a small amount like 2 secs
    then a will be something like 3.234234^121
    buy 9chars.
    3: x+=a;a+=a

  5. Vortex

    sorry. step 3 is x=a
    than buy 9 chars and
    4: x+=a;a+=a

  6. ^owo^

    http://prntscr.com/8wkq1t So… I did this

  7. Juan

    Step 1: x++
    Step 2: x=””
    Step 3: x+=1

  8. staffehn

    Step 1: x=$
    Step 2: buy 4 more characters
    Step 3: chars=1
    Step 4: you just failed xD

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